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Avail Divorce

Divorced, divorcing or thinking about it? Avail offers the resources, tools and community to have a better divorce and create your new beginning

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Avail Divorce

Avail Divorce Program - Launching Soon!

Avail Divorce Program is based on our 7 Pillar Approach — a holistic view of divorce that helps you understand and address the various ways divorce impacts your entire life. Avail’s program is kind of like “What to Expect When You’re Divorcing.” By reading Avail’s comprehensive program articles, members learn everything they need to know about getting divorced, what it requires, and what to consider. Our 7 Pillar Approach will help you think through your divorce holistically, which will empower you with the information you’ll need to ask better questions of your mediator, attorney, and/or your ex and to get through the process more efficiently.

In addition to our 7 Pillar Divorce Program, we have joined forces with expert Avail Collaborators to offer our members additional tools and resources in Avail Plus – a members-only section of the website where you can access additional information that’s most helpful to you. Avail Plus takes a deeper dive into such topics as navigating the legal process, planning for your financial reality during and after divorce, creating the most effective co-parenting plan for your specific situation, and revamping your living space to make room for your own new beginnings.