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Alchohol alternatives during divorce

3 Alternatives to Alcohol During a Divorce

We live in a glorious society today in which about 90 percent of adults tie the knot at some point in their lives; however, this only means there is more risk of divorce.  Since roughly 90 percent of adults are married at some point in their lives, it may not be shocking to hear that divorce occurs roughly every 13 seconds in the United States.  While that seems astronomical when it comes to figures, it only underscores that divorce is a common practice in the Western World.  Now it is logical to assume that divorce only creates an environment in which one or both the adults splitting go for a drink to ease the pain after a hard break.  Given this potentially common and acceptable practice, adults going through a divorce are likely to abuse alcohol at some point. 

Alcohol abuse is growing in prevalence among a many adults from any age.  In fact, more than 15 million adults had Alcohol Use Disorder in 2015, leading to close to 100,000 deaths due to alcohol use.  While it is generally considered to be safe in small amounts, alcohol is typically not consumed in moderation when adults are experiencing divorce.  With that said, listed below are three alternatives to drinking alcohol that any divorcing adult should consider to ease the pain in a healthy way.

3 Alternatives to Alcohol to Cope with Divorce

  1. Meditation.  Statistics demonstrate that more men than women are likely to abuse alcohol, which means that more men going through a divorce are likely to abuse alcohol as well.  With that said, finding alternatives to alcohol can help to prevent abusing the beverage.  Meditation is a common mindfulness practice that helps to connect your mind and body together.  In other words, it helps you to free your mind so that you can be healthier mentally and physically.  Now for the men out there, it may not be the most “manly” thing to do when you split from your ex, but this is a healthy way to cope with loss.  Consider basic meditation practices such as deep breathing and progress into more detailed practices to get the benefits.
  2. Yoga.  Similar to meditation above, yoga is a way for adults to connect the mind and body together to help you to improve your physical health.  Typically people do yoga to destress or to stretch, but yoga can act as a coping mechanism to free negativity from your body.  Consider taking the next yoga class offered at your gym when you are going through a divorce, instead of having a binger with your buddies at the bar, for better health.
  3. Hiking.  Another popular and effective way to combat alcohol abuse is to hit the hiking trails with a close friend.  It can be a nice way to talk things through and it is a healthy way to cope with the divorce.  It does not matter how intense the hike is as long as you make it a habit to hit the trails instead of the bottom of a 12 pack.

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