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Join us for 5 days of Avail Divorce group coaching to cut through the overwhelm and get you prepared to have your best possible divorce.

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5 straight days of online webinars designed to teach you what you you need to know about the
divorce process

Monday, October 4 through Friday, October 8, 2021

Each webinar is live for 1 hour at 10am MT

Can’t make it live? You’ll have access to the webinar recordings, homework assignments,
and materials for an entire year

Join and participate as publicly or as anonymously as you prefer




5 Topical Lessons

Learn Avail Divorce’s 360 degree approach to divorce, which addresses how to get divorced in a holistic way that includes teachings on how to wisely consider your emotional health, mental health, family, career, community, legal and financial aspects. Learn our tips and tricks for cutting through the noise and moving forward with the divorce process that’s best for you.

5 Live Calls

5 Live Webinars

Small group coaching is an excellent way to orient yourself to the divorce process ahead of you. Each call will combine coaching by Avail Divorce Certified Divorce Coaches and an Avail expert contributor, such as a family law attorney or a divorce financial advisor. Each hour-long Zoom webinar will include presentations of helpful information, coaching, and time for questions and answers.


Empowering Knowledge

You will gain a better understanding of the divorce process from start to finish, so that you are better prepared to make the decisions that are right for you and your family during this major life transition.

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Reflections & Next Steps

Simple action steps and reflection opportunities to help you gain control of your divorce and approach your path forward from a centered, grounded, informed place.


Community & Support

As part of the course, you’ll receive a free 3-month Avail subscription that provides you with access to our safe, secure online members community and our full library of divorce support webinars, tools and resources. You can show up as fully or as anonymously as you choose. We respect privacy.

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Library of Resources

With your included 3-month Avail subscription, you have access to an entire library of members-only resources, articles, webinars and downloads to help make the divorce process easier. The more you know about the divorce process, the better decisions you will make (and the faster, cheaper, and easier your divorce will be.)


Are considering a divorce but aren’t sure where to start.

Are ready to take the leap in leaving your marriage, but want to do it in the most prepared and thoughtful way possible. You want to make the transition to post-married life as smoothly as possible.

Feel overwhelmed by the idea of how to afford getting divorced.

Have been told by your spouse that they want a divorce, and you’re not sure how to move forward in an empowered way.

Want to be in the driver’s seat of your own divorce, instead of going into the process with blinders on.

Are seeking supportive people and community to help you though this major transition time.

If you need some encouraging, knowledgeable folks in your corner.



Each topical lesson will be taught by an Avail Divorce Certified Divorce Coach®, Jenn Ciplet or Nate Zorich, and an Avail Expert Contributor with credentials and expertise on the day’s particular topic.


Emotional & Physical Health


How do you prepare yourself to go through a divorce? What are our hopes and fears about divorce, and how can we make wise decisions despite feeling afraid? What are the limiting beliefs we are holding onto about getting divorced? What are the ways we can nurture and care for ourselves through this process, including setting boundaries, finding our “power people” of support, and making decisions that are good for us? How can we maintain healthy physical habits during this trying time?

Avail Expert Contributors:
Dr. Abby Coven, PsyD
Dr. Mary Rondeau DND, RH(AHG)


Entering The Legal Process


What does it take to get legally divorced? What’s the best way to decide on a legal team? Should you do mediation or hire an attorney? Can you do both? What are the pros and cons of filing earlier vs. later? If you move out, can you get temporary support to cover your new bills? We'll address these questions and more.

Avail Expert Contributor:
Halleh Omidi, Esq. Attorney at Law


Divorce & Your Career


How do you tell people at work you’re getting divorced? How do you prepare to re-enter the workforce if you’ve been a stay at home parent? How might your divorce impact your work performance and what should you do about it?

Avail Expert Contributor:
Pegotty Cooper, MBA, CDC®, Certified Coach


Financial Aspects of Divorce


How does child support and maintenance (alimony) work? How should you approach dividing up your assets and debts? Can you afford to keep the house? How do legal bills get paid? If you have never managed your money, how do you even know what you have? How do you create a budget?

Avail Expert Contributor:
Audrey Morrison, Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA)


Family & Community


How should you tell your kids you’re getting divorced? What about telling your friends and neighbors? What if your extended family starts meddling in the process, or projecting their own anxieties and opinions onto you? What if your friends aren’t showing up for you in the ways you need?

Avail Expert Contributors:
Kylie Kwon, Certified Life Coach & Boundaries Expert
Sanam Pejuhesh, Licensed Play Therapist & Parenting Coach

Plus Parenting

Optional Add-On: Creating Your Co-Parenting Plan


If you are getting divorced with kids, you might want to add on our “creating your co-parenting plan” webinar, making your bootcamp course 6 days instead of 5. This bonus Saturday webinar will address issues such as common co-parenting schedules and the pros and cons of each. It will go over what decisions you and your co-parent will need to make in order to create a parenting responsibilities plan that will ultimately need to be approved by the court. We will walk you through Avail Divorce’s co-parenting template so you know what decision-making to expect when it comes to setting your post-divorce co-parenting family up for success.

Avail Expert Contributor:
Julia Lazure, J.D., Partner at Kneeland & Lazure Law, LLC

Plus Coaching

Optional Add-On: 1x1 Personal Divorce Coaching Session

Take advantage of a completely individualized hour with either Jenn Ciplet or Nate Zorich, Certified Divorce Coaches and Avail Divorce founders. During your hour Nate or Jenn can answer your specific questions, help guide you towards getting unstuck, and provide specific resources and support that are tailored to your most pressing questions and needs. 

Avail Coaches:
Jennifer Ciplet, Certified Divorce Coach®
Nathan Zorich, Certified Divorce Coach®

What else comes with the 5 Day Bootcamp?

You’ll gain access to Avail Divorce’s membership community. A 3-month subscription is included free for each course participant (a $105 value). Our member community allows you to show up with your actual profile photo and real name, or create a pseudonym and show up more anonymously to protect your privacy. You’ll have access to a supportive, positive community and Avail’s entire resource library of webinars, articles, downloadable tools and resources. 

Your privacy matters to us. When you register for bootcamp, or any of Avail’s services, “AD Services” is what will show up on your PayPal account or credit card (we eliminated the word “divorce” on billing statements, to provide discretion).



Our 5 live zoom calls for each topical lesson will take place at 10am Mountain Standard Time. That’s five classes, Monday through Friday, for one week. Bootcamp, yes!

Yes, the program is virtual and will take place securely on Zoom. For those who live in the Front Range area of Colorado and who opt for an additional 1 x 1 coaching session, it’s possible to schedule that session in person with Jenn or Nate if you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Don’t worry! All 5 lessons will be recorded and you’ll have access to them for one year from the time you purchase the course.

We understand. We’ve all been there – at that point when you’re not really ready for anyone to know you’re thinking seriously about a divorce. Rest assured, Avail Divorce is set up to protect your privacy. When you register for this course or any Avail offering (such as additional coaching or an Avail membership), the charge on your credit card will appear as “AD Services.” The word “divorce” won’t be used. For this course, during our live webinars and topical lessons, you can choose to show up with your name on Zoom and your video camera turned on, or you can rename yourself on zoom to something more anonymous and keep your camera turned off. You can also call into Zoom by phone number. Or you can skip the live webinar and watch the recording later, on your own time. We know that deciding about divorce can be a delicate time where confidentiality and discretion feels so important; we also know that for others in the midst of divorce, showing up fully and authentically to access genuine community and make new connections feels important. We’ve designed this course and our entire Avail Divorce member website to meet your needs, wherever in the process you may be.

We will keep the numbers small enough so that each person finds it personal, effective and helpful.

The cost of the 5-day Bootcamp is $395. If you add the bonus Saturday webinar, “Creating your Co-Parenting Plan,” and/or the optional 1 x 1 coaching session with Jenn or Nate, that’s an additional investment. Those costs are detailed at checkout.

No. Attorneys do that. Avail Divorce does not offer legal advice. For specific legal advice about your divorce you should always consult an attorney in your local area. 

Yes, you can select a payment plan process at checkout.

We do not offer refunds or cancellations as this is a small group program. Thank you for understanding.

Avail Divorce offers 1 x 1 coaching packages. A monthly Avail membership can also help you access additional resources, supportive community and information. Don’t worry, if you still need help we’re here for you.

More questions? Drop us a line at hello@availdivorce.com