About Us

Life is change.

Divorce happens.

As humans, we’re born to change.

Evolve. Grow. Transform. Strive to become our best.
For about half of married people, change includes divorce. We move forward. Our paths diverge.

This can be scary, lonely, and stressful in so many ways, from our kids to our jobs, our families to our finances. Friends want to help but don’t get it. Attorneys charge hourly for it. So, two people who found joy on the other side of divorce had an idea: Let’s help people through this change.

Let’s provide trusted information to make it less scary, useful tools to make it less stressful, and community to make it less lonely. And let’s offer validation because we could all use more of that.

Together, we can make sense of the chaos, allow ourselves to grieve for what we leave behind, and give ourselves permission to celebrate all the moments that still need celebrating.

Divorce is change and change is natural. So let’s help each other. Because we only live once. And there’s a world of possibility, love, and happiness ahead.

About Us

Jennifer Ciplet

Founder / Chief Creative Officer
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS™)

Jenn is interested in the personal and societal transformations that are possible when we step out of our comfort zones, approach life with courage and curiosity, and lead with our best selves forward. She is a lifelong public educator with real-world experience bridging social justice issues with personal transformation. From her first post-college job at a Washington D.C. domestic violence legal clinic to directing two international non-profits in San Francisco, CA, Jenn has worked with people to build movements, tell their stories, and make the world better. Before joining Avail, Jenn served as director of communications for the University of Colorado Boulder’s CU Engage center, promoting community-based learning. Jenn holds a M.A. degree in Service, Leadership and Management. She spent several years in her 20’s living and working in Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish. After 14 years of marriage, Jenn and her ex-husband divorced. They now co-parent their three awesome kids near Boulder, CO. Jenn is a photographer who enjoys sweaty yoga, traveling the world, and keeping a sense of humor.

Nate Zorich

Founder / Chief Executive Officer
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS™)

Nate knows first hand that it is possible to transform yourself from feeling powerless and frustrated during divorce to creating an empowered future where you can live true to yourself. With a background in business, e-commerce and entrepreneurship, Nate began to envision Avail starting in 2017. After experiencing the highs and lows of his own divorce process, he emerged believing there should be something to guide, empower and connect the more than 1.5 million Americans who go through divorce every year. Nate has coached many friends and friends of friends through divorce, and is excited to share his knowledge and network of experts with Avail members in an effort to save people time, money, drama and heartache. Nate completed his MBA after graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he played college hockey. When he’s not leading and inspiring Avail’s vibrant community, Nate can be found picking his guitar, playing ice hockey, sampling Colorado craft brews, co-parenting his two teenage children and playing with his rescue dog.

A 360-Degree Circle of Support

Divorce can affect every aspect of your life. So our 7-pillar system of support, resources, and tools is always here when you need it.


Juggling Work and Divorce

With every job there comes a certain responsibility and along with that comes work related stress. Staying focused on work builds peace of mind and financial stability. The Career pillar will walk you through the steps that will enable you to separate the divorce from your work, manage the work stress levels, avoid trigger points and position you to achieve your career goals.


We All Need Someone to Lean On

The community pillar teaches you how to take stock in your friends, family and neighbors as well as providing insight in how to eliminate the negative relationships in order to create room for inspiring ones. Your community will, support, advise, and shape your world. We’ve created a simple process to learning the techniques on how to surround yourself with the right people who will have your best interests at heart.


Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster

The process of divorce will take you through every range of emotion magnified at a level most have never experienced. The loss of a partner, the loss of your ideal marriage, the loss of the family identity, all require a grieving process and time to address these feelings. The emotional health pillar will prepare and enable you to process these experiences in a healthy manner that will place you in the position of when and how you are going to react throughout the divorce.


Family is at the Heart of Our Lives

Divorce has an impact on every family member, children, parents, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles. Every person also has an opinion on your divorce, which sometimes are not supportive to the direction you’ve chosen. The Family Pillar will address what your children are experiencing if you have them, how to speak with family members, setting expectations, as well as put a plan in place on how they could support you if they choose.


Financial Questions, Answered

Divorce brings uncertainty and expenses that take time and attention to address. The Financial pillar is structured to walk you through the process of achieving each of your financial goals. From the division of assets, refinancing the house, to setting up your new accounts; each phase clearly guides you through the steps needed in creating a financial profile you will be comfortably with.


Staying Active, Staying Well

Most people understand the importance of exercise, nutrition and the balance it has with mind, but where do you start? Physical Health & Well Being will explore the rationale on how being active can help you through the healing process while walking you through the steps for creating the empowered person you will become. Taking care of yourself it your number one priority, and we’ll show you how to get there.

Divorce is never easy, but Avail makes it easier. The program and resources are thoughtful and helpful.

Paul W.