Acknowledging Shock and Denial Going Through Divorce.

The first 24 hours of getting a divorce will be unsettling. Yes, there are some that are a long time coming and some are seemingly out of nowhere, but whether you initiated it or not you will experience shock. Other people may feel an overwhelming feeling of denial and can slow down their reaction time, especially if they were the ones getting the news of the decision and some will feel a sense of relief that everything will finally be out in the open.

Although the thought of dealing with the all of the emotions that comes during the early stages of divorce might be daunting, it is very important for you process them. Putting off and stuffing down the negative feelings is the unhealthiest thing to do. Instead of doing so, let yourself go through it. Be honest with your partner about your feelings, make them understand where your anger is coming from. Let them know that you are saying this to be frank and not to cause them hurt. Doing this can clear the air before moving on to the legal side of divorce.

Along with the emotional pain of the dealing with the shock, you may experience mood swings. Sleeping at night might be a challenge, you might lose your appetite or it may be the other way. Dealing with the stress will affect your moods and thus your physical and mental well-being. Always remember that you have to keep yourself in top shape to cope with the emotions. Visit a therapist and have a check if these moods are starting to influence your overall health. Try eating out and treating yourself with your favorite meal, invite your friends over and talk about everything you’re going through. Never forget that there will always be people that supports you no matter what and they want to see you emerge as a stronger and better person.


When facing a challenging thing such as divorce you might get stuck into thinking that it isn’t happening. Facing the truth early on is much easier and healthier than being in constant denial. People that are going through divorce can cling on to every bit of hope – that maybe they can just sit down and talk things out and all will be right in the end. Denial is our defense mechanism when the truth gets too much. Although this is the psyches way of protecting us from being emotionally overwhelmed, it won’t help in getting started in the healing process. It may be a useful tool in coping but always use this to your benefit and don’t abuse it.

Going through a challenge as tough as divorce might test you as a person but the lessons that you will take after you survive the storm will be invaluable. And yes you will lose your supposed life partner but it will make you rediscover who you are in times of turmoil and can reorient your perspective and yourself for the better.

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