Elina Greiff

Certified Divorce and Co-Parenting Coach
Mom of three kids
Elina’s mission is to redefine divorce as an opportunity for growth and to remove any stigma associated with it for parents who choose to divorce. Elina knows firsthand about divorce, being a step-parent, and the complexities of co-parenting. Her coaching style is very practical yet very compassionate and supportive. She believes that nobody should go through divorce without having someone to support them and guide them through this complicated, confusing, and overwhelming process. Elina is a strong advocate for alternative conflict resolution strategies in divorce. As an Ohio Supreme Court trained mediator, she helps her clients prepare for mediation so that there are no surprises, and they understand the process. Her clients go into mediation with a game plan that offers them the best chance of success in resolving divorce issues outside of court. Elina supports her clients through the entire process to help them stress less, spend less, co-parent better, and get to the other side faster and easier.

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