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Why Hire A Divorce Coach?

There are millions of reasons why you should hire a Certified Divorce Coach®. To make it easier, we’ve mapped out our favorites, click the dropdown to learn more about each one. 

A Certified Divorce Coach® is a professional mentor + an expert on the divorce process + a skilled “thinking partner” + an advocate who helps people get unstuck. As coaches, we help our clients shift from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to being organized and confident. We help people make better, more informed decisions throughout the divorce process and beyond.

As divorce coaches, we can support you alongside other members of your “divorce team,” which often includes attorneys, a mediator, a therapist and/or financial experts. We use our sessions to focus on what is most urgent and important to you, so that you can arrive to your mediation session, or to your attorney meeting, more organized, prepared, and clear.

The hourly rate of a Certified Divorce Coach is about half that of an attorney; processing your dilemmas, working through your most pressing questions, and getting organized with a skilled divorce coach can save you time and money on legal fees. 

Some issues we have helped our clients tackle during a coaching session: 

  • How do I set new boundaries in a kind and firm way with my soon-to-be-ex? I’ve never really set boundaries before.
  • Can I afford to move out? Should I move out? Can I even afford to get divorced?
  • How will divorce affect my kids? How should we tell our kids about getting divorced? How do I create a co-parenting plan? How does child support work?
  • I am so sad and angry and grieving. I don’t think I can make any good decisions right now. How can I move forward when this divorce is just happening to me and I don’t want it?
  • I feel so financially stressed. How do I navigate the divorce legal process without spending all my money?
  • How do I figure out how to advocate for myself without hiring a lawyer? How can I use our time with our mediator most effectively to move this process forward faster?
  • When should I hire a lawyer? Will it escalate conflict in my divorce if I “lawyer up”?
  • How do I manage my parents’ disappointment and worry about my divorce?
  • My ex is trying to get full custody of the kids and keep the house. What can I do? Do I even have rights?
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Meet Avail’s Certified Divorce Coaches ®

Nathan Profile

Nate Zorich

Nate is the CEO and co-founder of Avail Divorce. An expert on the divorce process and navigating high-conflict situations, Nate's coaching specialty is helping men find answers to their most pressing problems, access reliable resources, and gain a better understanding of themselves and what they want and need during and after divorce.

Nate helps his clients develop a clear map forward, understand the overall divorce process, and identify and achieve their personal goals. Nate's clear and direct style cuts through the noise of divorce and helps his clients focus on what really matters. Nate coaches his clients from feeling overwhelmed, taken advantage of, and powerless to becoming, strong, confident, and intentional through the divorce transition.

Jennifer Profile

Jennifer Ciplet

Jenn is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Avail Divorce. Jenn works primarily with women who have left (or are leaving) marriages to pursue and discover the authentic, vibrant lives they are most longing to live. She helps her clients break through feeling "stuck" and get clear about their next steps with confidence, new knowledge and integrity.

An expert on the divorce process, Jenn is an excellent strategic thinker and a skilled networker who helps connect her clients with timely, helpful resources. Jenn provides an informed, grounded, “thinking partnership” to make the divorce process less overwhelming. She helps clients get organized, move forward, make decisions, and navigate the "big picture" of divorce with clarity and empowerment.

Molly Profile Picture

Molly Wilder

Molly’s the Ted Lasso of divorce, big-hearted and determined to win with any outcome. Certified in Divorce, Transition and Recovery, divorce coaching was the farthest thing from her mind in 1993 when she graduated with a Psychology degree, beginning a marathon length marriage wrangling 7 kids.

Molly knows the very things that most terrify you, a failed marriage, broken family, and financial ruin, are all optional in divorce. With compassion, and deep respect for the grief, anger and trauma you're experiencing, Molly will help you divorce well. She's flipping the narrative of divorce, helping individuals and couples create a smashing success out of failed marriages, and healing their families through divorce.

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-One 20-minute introductory call with one of our Certified Divorce Coaches®
-60-minute coaching sessions conducted via zoom, or in-person
-Session recap notes, additional resources, relevant referrals and agreed-upon to-do lists
-Avail Divorce Membership, which includes access to our entire Divorce Resource Library, Community Forum, Groups, Webinars & more.

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