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Why Hire A Divorce Coach?

Avail members have access to an incredible library of resources, tools and webinars. But for some of us, we also benefit from having a “thinking partner” to help us figure out the divorce process and navigate important decisions with inspiration and grounded clarity. This is what personal one-to-once divorce coaching is for.

Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. Divorce coaches have different professional backgrounds and are selected based on the specific needs of the clients. (Source: American Bar Association)

Divorce coaches can support you alongside other members of your “divorce team,” which may include attorneys, mediators, therapists and/or financial experts.

Meet Our Certified Divorce Coaches ®

Avail founders Nate Zorich and Jenn Ciplet are both Certified Divorce Coaches (CDC®) and Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS®). Their coaching training and certifications meet the standards of the International Coaching Federation, the “gold standard” of professional coaching worldwide. You can book either Jenn or Nate to be your coach, or hire them together for a deluxe coaching package, where you’ll receive both of their expertise and perspectives. 

Nathan Profile

Nate Zorich

Hi, I’m Nate. I’m a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC®) and Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avail Divorce.

My specialty is helping men find community, resources, and gain a better understanding of themselves. I help my clients develop a clear roadmap, understand the overall divorce process, and identify their personal goals. I cut through the noise of divorce to help my clients focus on what matters. I help clients shift from feeling overwhelmed, taken advantage of, and powerless to becoming, strong, confident, and intentional through the divorce transition.

Jennifer Profile

Jennifer Ciplet

Hi, I’m Jenn. I'm a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC®), a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), and the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Avail Divorce.

I work primarily with women who have left (or are leaving) marriages to pursue and discover the authentic, vibrant lives they are most longing to live. I help my clients break through overwhelming problems and get clear about their next steps with confidence and integrity. I provide a knowledgeable, grounded, “thinking partnership” to make the divorce process less chaotic. I help clients get organized, move forward, and navigate the "big picture" of divorce with better clarity and empowerment.

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