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We created Avail for people who are thinking about getting divorced, people who are going through a divorce and people who have completed their divorce, but want to connect with a positive divorce community and get on to a better life after divorce.

We created Avail after spending countless hours searching for answers to critical questions we needed to understand to get through divorce. What we found was fragmented, hard to understand, or a sales pitch. Divorce is hard enough. We wanted to make getting the right information, tools and support easy.

Yes, you control your privacy and can share your name or use a nickname, whatever your comfort level.

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Yes! Avail is mobile friendly. We know you’ll need answers wherever you are at all times of the day and night to get you through.a better life after divorce.

No, we are not faith-based. We welcome people from different religious traditions and people who are not faith-based, too.

No, Avail does not offer legal advice. We offer advice about what to consider when hiring an attorney, what items you can do yourself to save legal fees, and how to get the most from your legal team.

People of every gender and sexual orientation are welcome in the Avail community. Avail also welcomes people of all races, cultures, ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds. We stand against racism.

Love something? Something we can do better? Idea to share? Let us hear from you. A real person will get back to you.

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