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Lesson 1: Eyes Wide Open about the Impact of Divorce

There are many disruptions caused by divorce, which can overwhelm everything in your life causing major impact in mental health, physical health, financial health and personal relationships:

During the process of divorce, individuals lose on average almost 80% of their assets – assuming the 50-50 split between spouses, and then the cost of divorce which can run from an average of$15,000- 20,000 to a high of over $100,000.

During the Divorce Process –Restructuring the Family, you may be wondering “Am I going to be able to make these big decisions for me and my family?”

This is the phase that starts with the decision to divorce and encompasses all the decisions that you will make that will impact you far into the future. Your role is to stay on the path and not get sidetracked by the many distractions coming at you.

Are you doing the internal work to accept that the divorce is happening, to face the emotions head on and to reach out and get help from the right resources at the right time? Are you setting goals, and moving forward, with a vision for the future and what will be when the divorce is over? Are you participating in the business of divorce as a credible client, whose voice is heard and who feels as though you are doing their best to make the decisions about your future.

Throughout these lessons you will gain a better understanding of the options in the process of divorce. In most states, there are several options for completing the divorce or the dissolution of marriage. Any divorcing couple has the right to self-determination and may have the following options to explore:

Pro-Se or Do It Yourself Divorce, Private Mediation, two separate lawyers under retainer, lawyers hired on a limited engagement basis, Collaborative Divorce, and Litigation to name the most common options.

In the Post-Divorce – Recovery – Rebuilding Phase you may be asking, “Will I be able to provide for my family, will I ever be loved again?”

Once the divorce is finalized, it is time to transition creating a life you can love after divorce. and future that redefines your roles, especially if there are children involved. There are many different directions to go with this depending on your needs. We focus on the basics of redefining yourself and your environment and letting go of the past to focus on the future. From there, you can pursue career, relationship, single-parenting, blended- parenting, and financial.

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