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Lesson 37: Divorce Negotiation

How much support do you have in your decision making? Are you really undermining your best efforts to get what you want by a mindset that sabotages your decisions?

This is an important awareness for everyone involved in divorce: You have choices. Which one you choose will have a significant influence on the outcome for you and your family. Do you really want to do this alone?

In the end, Divorce is a negotiation. There are many point for conflict.
Your role is to find the areas of agreement in how you will meet your needs, and then you will recognize the trade-offs you are willing or able to make. Being able to step into your spouse’s world without your own filters on will help you to understand where you can position your wants relative to your spouses wants.

Focused on what is most important for you, keep your eye out for all of those mindset mistakes you can make, the presence of hot buttons, and the reptilian brain.

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