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Lesson 15: The Divorce Team

Divorce Coaching is: “Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”

Divorce Team Candidates

The Divorce Team in its best sense recognizes that clients are going to need different information, expertise and knowledge at different points in the divorce process. There are many moving parts in divorce and each of the professionals involved in the process has a specialty in each particular area and it is important to tap into that vision and insight when it is needed. Coupled with new technology resources which make it easier to have greater transparency whether in organizing the facts of marital life provide by www.dtour.life or the scheduling. Communication, and monitoring agreements that coparents need to master through the Avail Co-parenting App.

AttorneyAdvises on legal rights and the divorce process. Negotiates and prepares the divorce settlement agreement on the client’s behalf. Represents the client in court, if necessary.
MediatorSupports both people together in working out the decisions about property, debts, co-parenting agreements, and spousal and child support. Mediators are impartial to both parties and neutral to the outcome of the mediation.
Divorce coachSupports the client in making the best possible decisions for their future, helping them to gain clarity and confidence and courage so they can fully participate in the discussion as a client who is heard and is clear about their needs; the coach helps the client to develop greater self-awareness and supports the client in showing up as their best self before during and post-divorce.
TherapistSupports the client in examining and understanding what has been happening in the relationship. Helps the client to heal from family of origin issues and addressing related or unrelated issues of trauma or mental illness. Provides support for dealing with their own or their spouse’s personality disorders, substance abuse, or domestic violence.
Certified Divorce Financial AnalystHelps an individual or divorcing couple identify and equitably divide assets like property, furnishings, vehicles, investment accounts, and pension funds. Additional areas of expertise include determining the value of marital property, explaining the tax implications of the settlement. Can also help set up and manage a post-divorce budget.
Financial plannerHelps you plan for your financial future in terms of both investments and budgeting. Guides you through the financial changes that will take place because of your divorce.
Parenting Coordinator – Custody EvaluatorIn some states/jurisdictions there is an impartial third person, qualified to observe, assess, and recommend to the court their recommendations for what is in the best interests of the child(ren) in a divorce; and who assists the spouses in facilitating the resolution of disputes related to their parenting plan, providing education and making recommendations to the parties themselves as well as, in most cases, to the court.
Tax accountantProvides information and strategy about how your divorce will impact your tax position. Helps you make critical financial decisions with the tax implications and longer-term impact on assets explained.
Other professionalsRealtors, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies for matters of the marital home. Guardian ad Litem for children’s protection during legal disputes Insurance brokers for life, and health insurance