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Online Dating Profile Pt 2 – Tips for Pics!

When it comes to online dating, your profile pictures are the equivalent of catching someone’s eye from across the room at a party. The way you look isn’t everything, but it’s definitely something that piques interest. Your photos will invite the curious stranger to cross that proverbial room and strike up a conversation. 

Of course, in an online setting, it’s a little more complicated than meets the eye. Which is why taking the time to curate a series of 5-8 photos that catch the right eyes for you is so worth it. 

This is not the time to go gallery surfing through your last 5 years of photos without a plan. Instead, here are some tips to improve your profile pic game.

  1. Each photo should meet at least one of the following considerations.
  2. Each consideration should be reflected in at least one photo. 


  • An accurate reflection of you physically – Ignore the temptation to use Photoshop, filters or pics from 10 years ago.
  • A close-up of your face
  • Your genuine smile, preferably with teeth showing. Think of a time you were genuinely happy or something you found really funny so that emotion will shine through in the photo.
  • A full-body picture – News flash: the other person’s eventually going to see your full body. Going into a face-to-face meeting is 100 times less nerve-wracking when both parties know what to expect. 
  • In a setting that you love – Wineries, coffee shops, bookstores, pool halls, concert halls, the mountains, parks, museums, your backyard, your sofa, your garden, hockey rinks, golf courses… if it’s a place you really love, try to include a pic or two of you there.
  • Enjoying your favorite activities – Do you hike? Bike? Run? Kayak? Travel? Camp? Play an instrument? Shoot hoops? Play bridge? Go to sporting events? Photos of you doing what you enjoy, in the corresponding locations, are key if you want to attract someone who likes to do the same things.

The “Don’t do this” list

  • Use more than one selfie. A tripod and remote are worth the $10-$20 investment if you don’t have someone to take your photos. 
  • Photos with kids. This is a safety issue. No kids.
  • Bathroom selfies
  • Photos you wouldn’t show your mother (clearly inebriated or too risque)

This goes without saying, except we’re gonna say it

  • Put your best, honest foot forward
  • remove any pictures that are older than 2 years or aren’t reflective of who you are now 

Finally, Well-lit photos are a must. It’s a great idea to head out for some shots during the famed golden hour (just after sunrise or before sunset).

That’s it. You’re golden!

By Molly Blue Wilder



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