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Divorce Space

Reclaim Your Space After Divorce by Dorena Kohrs

This video series will provide you with 10 practical ideas that will inspire you to create a home that feels in alignment with you and what you love! You’ll discover that as you reclaim your space, you reclaim your life.

Introduction (01:40)

1 Decluttering Your Ex’s Stuff (02:43)

2 Unpacking Your Stuff (01:26)

3 Avoiding Spite (01:42)

4 The Bedroom Makeover (02:10)

5 Space Clearing Your Home (04:08)

6 Shifting Energy With Color (01:20)

7 Adding Living Things (01:25)

8 Dealing with Memorabilia (03:14)

9 Sorting Photographs (02:45)

10 Creating The Intention Altar (04:20)

11 Tips for Rearranging a Room (01:54)


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