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Why Did You Start Avail?

During the divorce process, there’s so much people don’t know about which decisions need to be made to arrive at a final divorce settlement. Understanding the big picture of the divorce process, and then having that process broken down into steps that require decision-making at each phase, is an important way for divorcing people to be informed, empowered, and save themselves time, money and heartache in the divorce process.  Avail offers articles, webinars, community forums and expert advice for our members. For those who want to read articles, download worksheets, and watch webinars to self-educate, Avail offers that. For those who want to connect with others for meet-ups or in the online community forum, we also offer this to our members. And for those who want additional support, we also offer 1-on-1 Certified Divorce Coaching to help orient people to the divorce process and get them organized and clear-headed about what’s to come, so that they can use their legal team and other supports, such as financial advisors, more wisely. 

When Avail co-founder Nate Zorich went through his own divorce, he really wanted access to reliable information that he could use to educate himself about the divorce process and negotiation. He was tired of googling his questions at 2am and not finding the accurate, straightforward information he wanted. Avail co-founder Jennifer Ciplet felt isolated during her divorce, and craved community. Her married friends didn’t understand, she wanted a pathway to make new friends and connections who understood what she was going through, and she now wishes she had had a Certified Divorce Coach to support her through the process. This is why Nate and Jenn created Avail Divorce – it provides its members with all the information, education, connection, support and community that Nate and Jenn wished they had had when they each got divorced. It didn’t exist for them, so they decided to build Avail Divorce to make these critical resources and support available to others! 


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